Not Just There

She has not infrequently thought that it could be possible that she is really the only one in existence and that everything she thinks she is seeing is only in her imagination — but why would she design a world like this instead of something a whole lot better?

If a tree falls in the forest…

In Vancouver, WA, Ashland and Portland, OR, people claim that they love the trees but more and more and more people keep coming. Seems that many of them are related and landed there because someone else they knew or had an affair with or married was there too and they all needed to be nearby for this that and the other – kids and kid’s kids — more trees going by the wayside with each one.

Same thing all over the world though — not just there where so many people with vaunted IQ’s and college degrees seem to dwell. She just happened to be looking at those people right now and was sure they were likely just a figment of her imagination anyway so where could the finger point? With all those intelligent people, in such a target rich environment, all of them sharing their wisdom with each other, why wasn’t the world changing faster than it was for the better? Why weren’t they choosing to live simpler lives and compost their own excrement? Why were they still flushing it down to worry the dolphins?

There doesn’t seem to be anything to make humans happy…enough.

Alain De Botton seems to be as confused as anyone. One day he philosophizes about 10 reasons to exit a not altogether fulfilling, possibly lonely relationship to hunt for that ‘one’ that would be better. The next day he thinks maybe we should have myriad other lovers and friends in case that one just isn’t enough.

Meanwhile, more of those trees everyone loves so much and of which support life are chopped down to accommodate all the babies born out of that lusting, by accident or not. People are never happy.

She thinks that if she were really the only one designing things, there would only be animals, not humans.

too many humans



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