In The Way

Trees of Heaven — trying to make a forest and succeeding very well. A shovel helps not much — dig one up, three more come in. But every day it’s something. Today the hot water heater breaker broke. It might have been yesterday, truth be told. On again, off again — maybe it would still come on before she’d need to call for help or have to start a fire.

Ailanthus altissima, commonly known as tree of heaven…Its remarkable suckering ability makes it possible for this tree to clone itself almost indefinitely…

“A good time for giving up” she thinks, or changing her perspective. Let the darned things have the space they want so much. After all, they would likely create a cooler environment over all, they are deciduous so shade Summer and let the heat come in for Winter and she could certainly grow under them in buckets since that is the only way anything seems to want to grow now anyway. And…they make lots of good sticks for burning.

A book made them famous.


One Marine wrote to Smith, “I can’t explain the emotional reaction that took place in this dead heart of mine…A surge of confidence has swept through me, and I feel that maybe a fellow has a fighting chance in this world after all.”

There was something in the way he moved her.

“I must read that book and see if it won’t correct that wrong direction.”

A surge of confidence…a fighting chance, it might just give her too.

The message seems to be to just let things be, leave them to themselves, and get out of her own way too– as there surely has been something in the way and it likely wasn’t him.


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