And Another Thing

Something to know about Summer’s hard getting through is cats. Their furs don’t seem to want to stay attached so collect in balls instead that roll around all floors the fur emitting cats parade on. And fruit flies have a warm enough place in the compost bucket to go from egg to flying so it is better to bury it sooner and sweep floors more often but it is seldom done as should be for funner things to do are easier to see, let’s face it – unless of course, fun is found in sweeping and it does have its place in smoothing ruffled feathers. So if one is inclined to be often ruffled, work, other than possibly sweeping, is better given to inflating someone else’s time and should be well-considered except that kind of thinking is a thief as well.

And then there is the question of what might happen when the computer fails for good and Summer is good at increasing that chance – silicon being such the sensitive little thing to heat that it is and fans unable to fix the thermometer where they want it.

It is such a bother to think about the thinking involved in which one might be better or have less interference or spyware coming with it. Which one won’t cause trouble from the start by being hard to learn or set up or become obsolete in no time with taken-away support.

Perhaps it would just be better to start living at the college center. Simpler, and requiring no uninvited or extended and comfortless stays, perhaps a pen and paper.

The days her computer closes in her face in the middle of a sentence, she sits on her soft, comfortable bed with her favorite pen and finds it quite uncomplicated except that fingers seem to be able to pluck keys faster than create swirls with a long, thin utensil that leaks a fluid when it touches paper and as yet, a brain can’t summon the world wide web to search a meaning of a word. She might be well advised to remember she has a dictionary or five or six and one giant one that has oxford style interpretations.

Yeah, well, her dictionaries don’t have urban slang or references to ways those words were, once upon a time, used in classic literature – at least not at easy beck and call. Who doesn’t like ease? Is that a rhetorical question? Oh, the handy things the nuisance computer’s worth can make wasting inflated time thinking about a new one worthy of its wasting. If it’s worthy is it wasted?

So, in conclusion, and another thing Summer can be known some for is — how its inclination to make the computer go black might mean the difference between caring or not caring about whether or not a question is rhetorical or whether or not time is being wasted or needs to be hurried through more quickly.

Let’s see if she can get this one posted in time or if she will have to come back some time later from the black to edit.

Valerie Da Vinci

Today’s inspiration: Gru said, “And another thing…” in Despicable Me 3 while he and Lucy were ascending to AVL headquarters for a meeting where he was subsequently required to explain why he failed to capture Bratt.

Some words stick. “And be buried with onions” another set.