The Bell Brothers


Bronte sisters

Anne’s health began to decline rapidly, like that of her brother and sister some months earlier. On 5 April 1849, she wrote to Ellen Nussey asking her to accompany her to Scarborough on the east coast. Anne confides her thoughts to Ellen:

“I have no horror of death: if I thought it inevitable I think I could quietly resign myself to the prospect … But I wish it would please God to spare me not only for Papa’s and Charlotte’s sakes, but because I long to do some good in the world before I leave it. I have many schemes in my head for future practise—humble and limited indeed—but still I should not like them all to come to nothing, and myself to have lived to so little purpose. But God’s will be done.”[127]

Anne hoped that the sea air would improve her health, as recommended by the doctor, and Charlotte finally agreed to go.[128]

On the Sunday morning she felt weaker and asked if she could be taken back to Haworth. The doctor confirmed that she was near to death and Anne thanked him for his candour. “Take courage, take courage” she murmured to Charlotte. She died at 2 pm on Monday 18 May. She is buried in the cemetery of St Mary’s of Scarborough.[129] Her gravestone carried an error in her age in the inscription because she died at the age of 29 and not at 28. It was noticed by Charlotte during her only visit, and she had the intention of asking the mason to correct it. Ill health did not leave him time to effect the repair and the tombstone remained in the same state until replaced by the Brontë Society in April 2013.

Three girls became known as three men so that they could publish their collective genius. The Brontë sisters changed their names to men’s names with their same initials because females weren’t taken seriously at the time.

The three girls live to be 38, 30 and 29 in order of their appearance. Two earlier births died at ages of 10 and 11 and the only brother somewhere in his 30’s. The father out lived them all and went on to the ripe old age of 84.

They didn’t let their short lives keep them from their legacy. Their brother was in the portrait that he painted shown above but erased himself so as not to clutter the sisters.

branwell bronte

Branwell Brontë self-portrait

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