Honor Of Labor

What can only be said of something that is blue is nothing like what can be said of something that is purple or is that a lie? Purple can only be because of blue and so on through the spectrum. There are three primarily exclusive colors and if they are spun around on a wheel fast enough they make white light — that isn’t truly white. Seems that black is the only thing that can be trusted as it is the absence of any of the others when light goes missing. So the truth is there, it’s really a matter of seeing.


Isn’t it interesting that veins look blue until they are opened or pierced. As it turns out it’s a matter of how light travels through the skin. Blood is always some shade of red.

Did the submarine in the Fantastic Voyage float through red or blue blood?

What does it mean to be a blue blood? — People who stay out of the sun, people who don’t have to labor, people who set themselves apart by avoiding intermarrying Moors who had darker skin so their skin remained light and their poorly refracting red blood through their lighter skin made them look more blue in their whiteness — so they become more noble by extraction of the things that made other people lesser by their own and seemingly everyone else’s interpretation. It started in Spain.

So why does everyone want a tan or do they?

It might be a good thing to do in respect and honor of labor.


fantastic voyage


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