Condition Of Man

The blank page stares it greedy stare
asking for more and more and more.
Nothing is ever enough.

Like most folks these days too
on a race for home
from work.

What shall we do this week’s end,
what can we possibly do
since there isn’t a thing
we haven’t done
several times already?

Let’s be home
and play a game of Parcheesi
drink joy and peace and profit
from sitting at home
with the dogs
and watch the cats
play with their shadows
or a ball of yarn.

There’s plenty of food
in the place that keeps
the food cool.

What is a condition of man
that he can’t be sated much
if ever
or why does he even have to be
can’t empty be
a good enough volition?

An empty fridge means
a fun trip to the store
if going to the store
can be made fun
to pick up
a game of Parcheesi.
Or maybe dig a garden
from which to fill the
empty frozen storage part.

But what about a boat trip
or a plane trip off to England
or Australia.
Can Parcheesi
be played on a plane
or taken with to be played
in the fancy
home away from home
once getting to that country?

Is anything ever enough?
Maybe it’s better that it isn’t
the empty state is sating.

condition of man


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