Blankets And Sweaters

What is a living that one wants
to be free and easy enough to enjoy the bounty of ones high living
What if
we all were happier with not throwing out
what might be better used again
Another way
of saying this is can’t we all just be happy with a simple life
Can managing to get all the way through
the hottest parts of summer with a simple fan
and a little sweat
or a wet rag
and through the coldest parts of winter with more blankets
and sweaters
rescue someone from death
There might be those who don’t even have water to wet the rag
or a fan
or wood or dung for a fire
or are living in a war zone
full of oil
If all of us want to live in refrigerators or
safe ovens
can we all
if there are ever more and more of us
What if
we said no to that question
Who should get the high life
the clever ones who figure ways to win
the game of beating it from others
Not everyone agrees that it’s a matter of deserving
except the ones who win
for the most part seem to
Is your love changing or is it mine.


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