No One Else

Maybe it’s the constant climbing or
the mountains of things to clear up
never ceasing increasing
that interfere with getting up more cheerful
minute by minute
day by day
year after year
decades long
a century might be thwarted by the toil in there mounting

It might be that when no one else is doing it
a thing can seem too lonely
like caring about animals
or the destruction of their habitats
and everyone is going on
like nothing bad is happening
There is no synergy for single thinking
except for how two thoughts might mingle

There isn’t too much that can’t be done
and much that can’t be undone either
it’s just no fun
The piles do seem high
but they’ve been scaled before in
record time
What’s the crime
of putting things off
another day — the dishes
week — the bathtub
month — the weeds
year — a visit
decade — better eating
century — it’s too late
forever — is where we hope to go

What’s the harm of never bothering
there was no happy making here
And not enough was known
to help poor
Karen Carpenter

Now we do

The Lead Sister sang her last song
and maybe the fat lady too


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