The Hardest Part

Nothing bad lasts
Nothing good either — forever
It’s the wondering when it will change
that is the hardest part
either way
to manage

Today a niece called her aunt
after several years —
the niece had been extremely busy

She recalled eating a half
of a cantaloupe
with a spoon
like it was its own bowl
and how she still does
And how aunt loved plants
and taught her how and why
to deadhead flowers
And of the cat that wouldn’t let her
pet it
And of aunt’s beloved
best ball doggy ever

“It was one of my two favorite vacations
coming to stay with you that week
You were always my favorite person”
the niece told the aunt
“and now I’ve become what you were to me
to all my sisters’ and brother’s children”
And then she called her aunt by her Aunt Name
like a cherished thing

And the aunt couldn’t remember
why she’d felt so sad
a minute before
her niece called
And then she wondered how long it would be
that she would be this happy.



Header image and recipe (though this author is a Vegan and would eliminate the yogurt):  



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