The Daily Dozen

  1. Wake up happy with stories pooling in my head from dreaming and making them up while sleeping (sometimes they just go in notebooks for another day later)
  2. Take thyroid medication (until I can figure out a way to fix my broken system)
  3. Feed the kitties (the two inside and any strays that have accumulated outside – especially the pretty gray one who thinks he lives here now)
  4. Make coffee
  5. Drink first cup of coffee while listening to the birdies or the children playing in the school yard or any other of a number of wonderful sounds that permeate from solitary, quiet living (the trash truck – not so much)
  6. Soften peanut butter by putting it on the counter out of the fridge, (I get closer exp. dates so the oil is more separated and pour it off and save it for something – maybe varnishing the wood fence – so the peanut butter is more like fudge and doesn’t have as much oil in it)
  7. Feed Buster the girl turtle, (she’s so cute and will, not too far from now be heading toward brumation and will tell me when she’s finished eating until next Spring by quitting…eating)
  8. Check on plants and make sure none are thirsty (or about to die from brown thumb lack of intervention)
  9. Check emails, (mostly for A Story Everyday from Brian Andreas and/or Fia of Flying Edna and to see if the latest book order has shipped yet)
  10. See if anyone liked yesterday’s writing (and even if they didn’t, remember it doesn’t matter)
  11. Open a new tab for writing another
  12. Stare at the blank page all day until something comes together, (visiting now and then to look for inspiration or just type whatever is in the brain at that moment)

So, that’s pretty much it and this will go in one of those spaces that were neglected while me and the kitties were waiting for a signal.

A Story Every Day

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