Just Say Yes

we praise & protest.
We document & we
drama. We demand

—Ellen Hagan

and I say
those things above are not enough
if all of the ones doing
are not
not flying
not eating animals or using them for any kind of purpose
not driving anymore than they absoposolutely have to
absoposolutely can easily be used as an excuse for anyone who
really doesn’t want to
do the hard work
Any excuse will do
“I have to work”
no you don’t
unless you want more than you ought to
We all know it’s all a vicious circle
Of course some do
have to
but almost everyone works
harder than they have to
if they would instead
less stuff
or care less if they’re in fashion
Blah, blah, blah
raise your fist
raise your arm
march and yell in protest
or walk right by in silence
It might be more effective if everyone went marching
in their birthday suits
or dressed down
in their skivvies
as a way to
Just say yes to saying no
“I don’t need nothin’ but my skin
so quit making me think we have to grow”
“I don’t need to grow more skin
I probably need to lose some”
There is no other way
to flip the profit driven system
We get just what we ask for.

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