Moping About Mopping

It’s too easy not to live your own life with all the possibilities for envy floating around in the countless images of other’s lives that seem more fulfilling. But, truth be told, most of them are hoaxes.
I certainly don’t often show my worst sides to the public but occasionally do on purpose to make it well known that I’m aiming for improvement and there are real stages being engaged in for getting there.
My house right now has just, finally, had the floors mopped by none other than the only human occupant, moi — because I’m hoping to let my good neighbor in to see if his tool can detect any electricity getting to the hot water heater — and I won’t let him in until the worst messes have been abated.
(There seems to be an inordinate amount of talk about mopping here and it’s because it’s very hard to do and gets put off — but constantly nags — because there are always so many things that need to be put away or moved first, occupying the areas that need mopping the most.)
He keeps asking, “How’s your housecleaning going”, because gasps flew out of my mouth when he offered to help and he was subsequently told immediately that he could only be let in as soon as things that were on the list to get done, finally got done.
He said, “I don’t mind.”
To which I replied, “Oh, you would if you could see it but you will never because it will never be that you will be let through this door before it can be achieved that the person living here doesn’t appear to need social services.”
Actually, I probably just said, “It would be better another day.”
I hide and create hoaxes too.
Anyway, things are getting done rapidly, not so much because of my good neighbor but more because I’m getting older and want to get to the bucket list of fun things before they get eaten through by mopping time.
No more moping about mopping or any of the lives that seem better than mine either.
It sure feels good to have clean floors to walk on.

(P.S. This post is dated back to fill a gap for the one-a-day commitment that was missed while I was waiting for a signal)

Moping About Mopping

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