Matter Of Time

“It’s only a matter of time”
so ‘they’ say
whose time
before we realize…
that it’s too late…
not to be happy?
to bother caring?
to do something about it…
Do what?
If Dr. Sapolsky’s right
and there really is no free will
he says the best he can figure is that
the only purpose to living is to cause as little
pain as it may be human-biologically possible
Seems we all try to avoid pain
now what we need to try to do
the best that we are able
according to any markers that we are
born with
is to not cause any
in the first place
First do no harm
to anyone or anything
and animals aren’t things —
they are anyones
Does anyone really care
or can they?
That may be a question for another day.
How much time is there really anyway?
No one really knows
for sure.

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