Don’t Stop Shopping

If it happens again
the woke know
it won’t go unnoticed
or be misunderstood
as something that it isn’t
It won’t look like a Hollywood movie that is
intended to deceive
the unwoke
And unburned or unburied passports
shouldn’t suffice to entice the wary
to be lulled into
thinking war is the right
thing to go and put others through
How shocking
how awful
that Vivienne Westwood still makes and sells
all those haute clothes
as if they are some form of
conscientious objection
instead of quitting altogether and advocating for
voluntary radical simplicity
She still likes millions
50 of them and counting
don’t stop shopping
seems to really be the mantra
And the billionaire water bottler
that gave 750 million to climate research
It might have been more effective
to agree to quit bottling
and put up millions of filtered water fountains
all over the world
As if he really cares
Everything is still used to
try to get rich quickly
or is a fund to use as a tax shelter
Nobody really wants to lose their
fortune or their status
Let’s farm they say
and let’s breed billions of domestic animals
and then kill them
and call it regeneration
How many animals had to spare their
lives for Vivienne’s fashions
Oh, yes, she plans to give up fur
As if that make a difference to
pigs and cows and lambs
Everyone complains
but everyone still flies
and drinks bottled water
and eats meat
But loves little Greta
Step up and really count
to make a difference
It’s voluntary radical simplicity
or complicity and that’s
the bottom dollar.

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