These Cool Days

On these fall days when things are cool
I miss my friend
who I would drive along with
to a food coop
in nearby Bisbee
to have some lentil soup
and bread
and coffee
and talk about politics
or conspiracies
or how corrupt our city was
or he would try to make me listen to
a piece of “real music”
he had put on his new-used computer
filled already with two thousand or more
that he was so very proud of
and how much he liked to
have me with him
and how gentle he was
and tolerant of me
These cool days
Someone else has his house now
and is growing the garden I always
wanted him to plant
or for him to let me plant
I miss him being there
Sometimes he would call me to come over
just a serious little stride up a hill
and I’d sit outside on some
rickety yard sale or dumpster
chair and watch him water the pecan trees
He always aimed to please me
I miss my friend
who left me far too early
especially on
these cool days.


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