Tell Me Something

The woman said, “I even have respect for ticks — they have a place in the bigger scheme of things — they are food for reptiles, amphibians, birds and the awesome opossums. And it has never been guaranteed that life will be pain-free. We must find a way to live among things and protect ourselves the best that we are able without thinking first of killing all the things we think are in our way.”

Seems that everything has found a way to circle life in some better way than humans do.

As I was walking down the street today I saw a pair of javelinas and got scared at first but suddenly found great pleasure in watching them jump to run the way they do and it was a pair — maybe a mother and father — but they didn’t have any little ones walking and jumping with them. They were very cute, looked a lot like bristly piggies. And I thought, “I wonder if someone would shoot them if they caught them eating on their cactus” and then I wanted to go and plant some cactus for them but they seemed to be quite sure what they were after and turned around a corner and disappeared in shrubs without any care about abrasion.

And then I thought, “It must feel wonderful to run free like that looking for their food and having fun not having to work at any job, following one another”, until I thought about that person with a gun that might just shoot them.

A human.

Tell me something good. Don’t tell me “You ain’t got no kind of feeling inside.”

Humans need to change in the shortest order.


jump and run


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