“I Love Greta”

Fools and Dreamers

One man decided to let gorse grow and spent thirty years, against naysayers saying he was crazy — letting nature have its way — and now there is a forest of native vegetation where’s he’s trodden ever so lightly and where others said it would never happen.

He does as little intervention as he can and lets nature do what nature does best — fix the damage humans do — if it is left to its own devices.

He’s spent a great deal of his life doing it too and does it with fully-committed passion.

He walks or rides his bike because he believes we can’t keep using fossil fuel no matter how much more we try to sequester.

He clearly walks the talk and hasn’t spent a minute worrying about what others think or if any of them want to come along.

He just does it.

He wants all other living things to have what they need too and this is one of his main intentions.

He gets up and has a certain routine in the morning — the same thing every day and then takes off for work which is somewhere on the huge preserve. Sometimes he walks two hours just to get there and then two hours back and has another evening routine — the same thing every night — and then does all the paperwork and any writing after that.

He lives and breathes this.

Are all the ones that are saying “I love Greta” doing what they could be?