These Fine Things

What’s the answer to what we should be eating that will keep our bones from aching or our hearts from breaking into little vessels filled with stuff they absolutely shouldn’t be — so that they can beat right and beat love and prosper other people in the wake of our walking.
You are the placebo” someone claims and I am just now reading how he recommends to do it, or should I say, “be it”?
Make my mind matter.
I want to know.
Don’t you?
I want to be happy, healthy and whole and I want to live forever plus another day so that I can continue to play and finally become all that I’ve always believed I could be — given enough time and the chance to.
Jim Carrey is about to be published.
Boy, when there is talent, there is talent and there is not enough space or time to get it all out there fast enough — sometimes it seems.
I spend a lot of time thinking about simple living but last night I watched a video of some super rich people finding things —
or their designers’ finding them for them —
or the people who collect them in shops for the designers to find later —
to furnish monstrous and monstrously expensive abodes that have been hollowed out to do again the way the new owners want them —
and then the designers can fill them all up with all the monstrously expensive things they find as they go through all the shops where the monstrously expensive and considered fine things have been put on display by the curator.
People with billions and purses that sell for $20,000. Earrings that set them back $300,000. Can you imagine dropping $10,000 on a glass object to cool champagne in?
People do it.
Money is no object.
Except for the bulk of us.
And as my stomach started to churn remembering all the years that I did the same thing —
looked for fine things for people with way too much money —
and really almost hated it —
except for the fun that looking at beautiful things can be.
But —
There is as much beauty in leaves and bees and the sound of silence
and not having a heart filled with stuff it absolutely doesn’t need to be —
filled with
And I remember why I quit that world to live more simply —
It just wasn’t a good fit for me
And I have these fine things —
birds and bees and trees —
and a crummy little abode that I have made the way
I want it.