War Of Words

Crimpity crumpity crum crum —
That kind of news is news that blinds the ears and causes momentary ceasing feeling any kind of happy. Though, important to let it shut you down just long enough to let your blind ears hear, at least, a little — even if in tiny bits and pieces. And even though it all seems just too scary or implausible.
“They are spraying poisons in the air without our knowing or consenting.”
Oh no! Crimpity crumpity crum — again and again and again. How is anyone supposed to still be happy enough to think about a future.
Blind your ears, that’s how — until the fear subsides because they want us to feel fear and we don’t need to.
Turn it off. Right now. Come back to it again a little later. Go out and listen to the birds while they’re still here.
Feed the stray cat, the turtle, pull some weeds or leave them and think how useful they are to shield the soil and all the living things that they are making shade for even if what’s being sprayed will likely kill them in the long run.
Oh, go ahead and say, “she needs some foil”, I can take all the abuse that comes my way — and foil back if I so need to.
Conspiracy theory!
Blastering pickersnick, the world is fully crumbling down around our very eyes and it’s easier to hide because it makes us so unhappy knowing all the things we have to change for it to change the slightest —
or that if we did it wouldn’t matter.
It’s a giant war of words all the while the war of worlds moves on and on and on.
There are always sides to every story and what the most important thing is is to try to think which is the right side without flinching.
Meditation helps but in the long run someone needs to do some things, at least what they are able to — especially thinking.
Enough bad news today — let’s have a party.

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