Fifty Shades Of

Something has to be published, it’s 11:38 pm and counting!!! 12 pm is the deadline.
She’ll say “fifty shades of” anything, to get their attention.
Fifty shades of purple. Wisteria white is one of them. It’s a very soft white that was a Behr paint color in the late 1990’s that she painted on her living room wall in Southern California. It looked white in some lights but turned to a purple haze in just the right lighting and was the inspiration for Karmella’s skin tone.
Purple’s her favorite color but she likes it as an accent more. It soothes her soul it does.
Mauve is another shade. Some think pink but it’s really a muted, browned-out shade of purple. It was the only color any client wanted for their carpet in the 1980s and then some. She thought she’d throw up if one more client answered her question, “What colors are you working with,” with “Mauves.”
And then there is always the Purple People Eater that when you Google it you come up with a monster or a reference to a 1958 song or a fun short story about it.
How many more shades do I need to go?
Oops! It’s too late. It will have to be finished on another day.




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