Happy And Sad

I’ll come back to visit winter
maybe sometime
spring or-also-maybe
Who’s your mummy
who’s your daddy
Let’s invite them all
call all the aunts and uncles too —
good and bad
high and low
up and down
mad or glad
we will let in peace
but won’t let in not so peaceful
who calls himself war
let’s all stop that varmint not so peaceful
at the front door
if not long before
Brother and sister
friend and love
maybe cousins
Happy and sad are
no more greedy one than the other
except sometimes
Intent to share the limelight
One more greedy than the other
then the other
One two three
count the shares
There’s nothing better to be
happy or sad
“Come on in, Eeyore”
Cheers again
melancholy’s at the door
Come another winter
it might be happy or sad once more.