Hooks And Eyes

It was just Monday and now it’s Sunday. Tomorrow it will be Monday again.
Whirling fast the days go by and leave dust in the cracks time leaves on its track.
If it weren’t for things to hold on to, it might be impossible to remember.
How important is it to remember?
Marie Kondo doesn’t seem to hold it in very high esteem or is she just minimalistically selective.
I was just ordering rooms to be more what they need to be and going through some bits and bobs and ran into a tiny brass safety pin.
They don’t make them like that anymore.
It might just be a museum piece.
It wouldn’t take much space in a landfill but millions of them might make an overwhelming anthill.
There are billions of us now and if every single one of us had a tiny brass safety pin and threw in the pit, how big would the pit have to be?
Who knows?
Does anybody?
Is there a scientist working on the problem?
I’m glad that I kept that safety pin. It will come in handy to keep Barbie’s dress closed while I look for hooks and eyes
or snaps.
I know they’re around here somewhere.


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