Wait Until Tomorrow

Do you have a knack for doing this or that?
I bought a pair of handmade shoes at a store called the Knack in San Francisco the year of the summer I spent there doing art. They really had a knack for making handmade shoes. I was hoping to have a knack for doing art. The judge hasn’t made a ruling yet.
Some people have a knack for failing but failing can be a success in the long run so maybe the real knowing if success or failure is better at the beginning of an adventure is whether or not you have a better knack for knowing or not knowing which is better. It’s really all a gamble no matter what the tendency.
For every day I don’t fail to follow through with the commitment to put something on this site that looks something like I tried to write, I haven’t brought back my old knacks for knowing how to procrastinate and not follow through. But every day the tendency gets greater. It’s like standing on the edge of a cliff and thinking that you want to jump instead of step back.
Maybe I’ll wait until tomorrow not to do it.