Grateful For You

This is just a quick check-in to wish you all a happy day today wherever you are in the world. In America, we are celebrating something I don’t agree deems being celebrated — especially not by mistreating en masse and then killing a helpless animal to be able to say Grace, but it is always worthwhile to have an opportunity to give thanks.
I want to say that this has been a real challenge to me to do but I have loved it just the same. I am well aware of the shallow value of many of the posts if not all of them — but I did confess, early on, that this has been carved out as a space where I can Practice, practice, practice twisting and using words and be accountable for the commitment that I made.
I am so grateful for the following that has accrued and for each and every one of your likes or missing likes.
I hope I make it the whole year, but I’ve been known to quit a thing.
I also hope to write another post later today. This is strictly for the intent to recognize the value that you all have been in my process.
I’m off to drive some other oldies to a church gathering buffet feast. I will likely eat salad there as I don’t eat meat. I didn’t want to be alone today, so I’m dragging my extreme-introvert self out to be a part of another world. Maybe I’ll come home with a story.
Anyhoo, Happy Day and Thank You so much for being here to help keep me company and accountable.
I’m very Grateful for you. ❤


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