Useful For Measuring

I love to think but some things I just can’t seem to work out. Like singularity.
I get being single as it is a state in which I exist. Not a state like California but a being kind of state.
I’m single. Unmarried. Somewhat unique. Especially never to have been married and especially never to have had children. There is a difference between me and most others I know. I have an individuality that is distinctive insomuch as it distinguishes me from the norm.
But I don’t claim to be one dimensional.
(italics for Oxford interpretations)
(and some for my own emphasis — like the above “being” and “Oxford”)
But how does matter become infinitely dense?
How is it measured if it can go on and on without limit — falling in on itself
in cosmic singularity?
Did I get that right?
How small is the smallest forever small?
How dense is the densest forever denseness?
Where is this point in that same infinite equation where something can go on forever but a point can still be found where it can be determined that something that is used for measuring can cease to be useful for measuring?
I’m confused.
Actually, I’m jealous that anyone can even come up with this stuff and it can make me feel really dumb.
I’m less sure why it matters.
But I do know, that I just love to know
the truest truth about everything.
Some things seem like a pure waste of time.
Like fighting over why or why not someone deserves to be impeached.
Especially someone so infinitesimally small in the grander scheme of things.
As if it will really matter much when matter finally completely falls in on itself.
But that might be a long way off.
And those who can’t live to infinity or beyond will, by then, be long gone.
By the looks of things, the rapidity of the ever expanding capacity by which we all seem to be able to not care about matters that matter the most beyond matter that becomes to dense to comprehend —
we’re all going down a black hole or at least to the event horizon
to look into the abyss.


Einstein's note on happiness

“A calm and modest life brings more happiness than the pursuit of success combined with constant restlessness”