No Monday Blues

I used to go for drives just to go for drives. It was a way to clear cobwebs in my mind when cobwebs got so thick I couldn’t seem to think about anything but cobwebs.

But that was before gas was so expensive and it wasn’t quite as known how environmentally unfriendly it really was. Or I just couldn’t seem to hear or see.

Sometimes it was cabin fever because for twenty years I lived in a tiny apartment that was really just a nest. It was about 16 feet one way and maybe 20 the other. It was enough for me and not much else. It was really quite enough though and I loved that little apartment.

But I worked and spent a lot of time running around doing this and that and helping my mother some. After my mother died, I bought a big house that was over four times bigger than the little nest and I could go for adventures just moving from one room to another. Now I’ve split the difference and live in a space about twice or half as much as what I’ve ever known before.

What is enough?

The big house was far too much but I had lots of fun while I was waiting for it to make the money that it promised. And when it did it paid for this — what I have now, that is just about the right fit — not too big and not too small.

I’ve been boiling water for quite a few weeks now and while I’ve been boiling water I’ve been drumming up ideas for how to start a business where there are tiny houses just for baths so people can pay to have their hair washed or to take a soaking bath in gallons of steaming hot hot water for a few dollars — just enough to pay the cost and not make a lot of profit — for homeless folks and people without hot water heaters that are working — as I have been one of them.

Tomorrow the plumbers are coming to replace the hot water heater.

What a luxury it will be to have hot hot water again, coming from a pipe in my own bathtub — so what if the bathtub needs to be replaced because it’s so old and horribly disgusting.

It’s enough.

That’s one of the reasons why it seems better to rent sometimes because a broken hot water heater is the landlords problem then and not your own. But I wouldn’t have things any other way now knowing how there are no Monday blues when your work is home and all you have to think about is where to get the money for a broken hot water heater and not a whole home because you simplified and made enough satisfying enough.

Finding ways to get rid of cobwebs now can be as easy as a stroll around the neighborhood by foot.

If your feet still work.

But that’s a whole ‘nother story. At least the lame back is up to snuff again and I can wash my own hair now even if it has to be with boiled hot water.

The plumbers are coming tomorrow and I might not have to boil water after all.

Hooray. That’ll be enough for now and it’s nice to know that I can still go for a drive just to drive to get rid of cobwebs and I can do it for free without any gas because Google has driven everywhere I’ve ever been and then some.

There’s no cause to ever have the Monday blues again.