Beat Of Day

Beat of day is interrupted by the gong of thing that intercepts beat of day.
Sitting still is harder than moving.
Confinement takes structure from necessity and non-arbitrary sitting makes the shift of beat of day less than its full normal winning way.
Thank room with view and warmth and chair and table for some sitting work allowed while
Workers on the other side the gauze divide do their chores
mending plumbing
She mustn’t stray past their call. The clock ticks.
Constriction isn’t freedom.
Poor dogs with collars on and masters steering as the master wants —
“Go here,” “Do this,” “Sit,” “Stay.”
I’d want to stray. I’d want to get away.
Poor dogs and cats and pigs and cows who can’t be what they want to be.
Poor anything constricted from the beat of their own day.