Move And Flicker

They were glitter in the light of sun as a tiny breeze made them move and flicker — a single silken thread strung from aloe to aloe that would serve as a high wire for the spider in hiding that made each one.
There were several single silky threads in various places and as I sat there in the sun, soaking, the tiny breeze blew and rustled little leaves some too and it was hard to tell if it was an ant or the breeze moving the leaf but I watched intently to discover which it was.
That is meditation.
Most ants are sleeping now. I had to wonder why one was out there foraging for something in the tiny breeze that was barely moving leaves and silky spider high wires. I was also hoping for a spider circus act that never came to town. The spiders must be sleeping too — at least they seemed to be at high noon.
There are many satisfactions sitting in the sun at high noon when a tiny breeze is barely blowing spider wires and leaves around near the ground. The sun is warm, glittery silky spider wire is pretty to look at and it’s nice to know there is company even if the company is hiding while they’re with you. The plants can’t run and hide but they are awfully quiet — more quiet than the breath of Breeze that made the wires glint.