There And Back

What’s to know about going this way or that or there and back again?
Well, it seems that it used to be that instructions were necessary and landmarks were rather important and stars could be depended on —  but now there is just some kind of automation that tells of every turn and no one has to think at all. It’s much easier now to get lost.
I don’t use those things. I like left, right, north and south kinds of verbal cues given by the owner of the home or place where business is going to be transacted.
I like looking it up in a map book with coded pages, (the books that have gone the way of stars), and writing my own instructions down. There is something about writing that makes it stick. If someone else says left and right while I drive I can never do it again because I wasn’t paying attention to anything but their voice and I need the visual cues and to do it for myself to make it stick like writing down the words.
So there is something it seems that makes for brain signal insulation that only happens when someone practice, practice, practices, makes mistakes and practices some more — myelin sheath-building, that allows for better and quicker transmission of non-Siri signals formed by independent thoughts that makes ones talent, (for how to get there), finally show up.
It seems that the best benefit to Siri type technology, GPS and tracking devices is once you’re lost, someone else can find you and then they’re in the same kind of trouble and might be better looking for the North Star or a police officer who’s been that way before.


The Talent Code