Box Of Chocolates

Is there any way to keep from eating the whole box of chocolates when there’s no one else around except for not getting the box of chocolates in the first place?

Perhaps some people have a sense of self-control.

Maybe if the box was buried in the back yard every time a piece was eaten. Probably not unless the shovel was buried too.

How to bury a shovel without another shovel is the trouble.

Would dirty fingernails be enough of a deterrent? Only if there isn’t any hot or cold running or rain-harvested water and a towel or nail clippers.

Maybe a zipper with a lock and key and the key could be left with a friend who would likely end up as an enemy if they didn’t give the key back for the asking in a hurry.

And there is always scissors if the bag isn’t metal mesh and if it is metal mesh, tin snips might just do the trick.

It’s hopeless.

It’s just better to leave the box of chocolates at the store and hope a friend doesn’t bring one as a gift.

There is always hoping that a friend isn’t listening and they do.


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