Picking And Choosing

Vector is a thing with both direction and magnitude
Do I want to know
Not enough
It sounds complicated and might require the development of new brain cells, synapses or sheathing or all of the above
Picking and choosing is in order
Maybe something more fun can do the job since the job does need doing —
making new cells, synapses and sheathing for a longer, better brain life
— but can’t it also just be sort of fun like knitting or trying to figure out how to write a real short story or a novel or a thesis
I’ll just say yes and keep going
Writing is a great deal more fun than trying to understand maths
Vector is also a character in a Gru cartoon and there his direction and magnitude can stay where it is quite fun to imagine playing with him, not so much, and Gru
But cartoons aren’t real and they only seem to have dimension and go in some kind of direction by how they are designed
If there is anything about understanding magnitude or direction to make a cartoon, it would lose its appeal in a hurry if making cartoons was something being done to create
a longer, better brain life
So I shall stick to knitting, trying to write and will do like Anita Baker and continue to pick and choose.

I’m picking and choosing in terms of the stress factor. If it’s not fun, I’m not going to do it. ~ Anita Baker

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