The First Move

There was a deep missing. Hard to explain because it had never been in such a way as that it could be labeled properly. Any label could do — relationship, affair, confidante, liaison, soulful mate, intellectual equal — what could do other than to say there was a missing. Empty spaces don’t like — if they are such that can like — to be empty. Is that anthropomorphically labeling space as if it has a face?

What is the face of space. What is the face of time. What is space and time and their continuum that can pull all things together like humans that are missing something that needs to come back — be returned to its rightful position like it’s on a rubber-band — a string that is attaching one thing to another that are better off together?

Lets face it. Everything is complicated and intermingled. Gratitude is often followed by more favor which makes for being even more grateful. Complaining often sends others out further away leaving the complainer isolated and therefore unable or unwilling to see their complicity in their unhappy living — their own homemade pain.

The man whose cancer went away when he went home to die because his whole community came to see him before he did and showered him with love and attention. And while he was dying he decided to do some gardening since he was home dying with nothing else to do and his spirits lifted from whatever it was that gardening does to have an effect on lifting spirits. Cancer was no enemy of well intentioned meaning so it dissipated from no longer being needed.

Cancer is a cure.

Fear and emptiness seem to be holding hands and they are better off together and left way out on a string somewhere where nobody else is and then let go of. Hopefully they swing around themselves enough that they glomp on to other less well-intentioned things and get flung out far enough to reach the event horizon and fall into a black hole — never to be seen again.

There’s no point in holding on to a deep missing if it doesn’t have to be held onto when there are so many other options — like making the first move. So it might mean that something has to be flung out again to glomp on to the other things traveling to the black hole — no one will ever know unless they make a move.


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