Leave Social Media

Everybody seems to want to be an Instagram celebrity. I can’t even figure out how to register — probably because I really don’t want to. The closest I came to it was today trying to get on for the sole purpose of seeing Linda Rodin’s account. I kept getting error messages for problems with passwords or email issues. I quit when it was the slightest bit inconvenient. I really don’t need it and Linda’s images are all over the internet anyway.

Instagram is an addiction I simply don’t need and can’t afford the time for.

So, I’m glad it failed because I’m seriously thinking I will leave social media behind altogether.

I think Linda Rodin is about the classiest thing I’ve ever seen and she is just a couple of years ahead of me. Talk about aging beautifully — in every single way. Of course, it probably didn’t hurt that she is a beauty from the beginning and pencil thin to boot.

Anyway, I think her aesthetic is fabulous — and her views on life resonate to a T with me. She has given me the permission to shun Marie Kondo philosophers and want to keep the life of ‘proper’ clutter I’ve always loved and (truthfully) wanted. Bah humbug, Marie with nothing fun to look at. Give me Linda’s style any day.

Why not live your life with all the things you love and then some all the way till expiration day?

On top of it all, she’s never been married and the best I can figure she has no children either — same same — and apparently she’s never wanted or needed either of them any more than I have. Dogs are the best thing ever. Or cats. Men are fun, but you don’t have to marry one to enjoy looking at them across a dining table and then both go to your own home, perfectly well enough alone.

So, back to Insta-celebrity — it seems to be a PRETTY saturated market with not much room to spare for more. Quite frankly, it’s all almost making me kind of sick — it’s dizzying like being on a ship in a storm — not that I have ever been.

When is anything ever enough?

Now that I’ve finally seen someone that I can totally admire, I can focus on seeing myself the same way. Isn’t that what we’re all really looking for anyway — to see who we really are being reflected back at us — no matter what anyone else has to say?

Image credit: Grey Magazine

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