Live More Lightheartedly

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**Update: 02.26.2020 I have failed the commitment largely due to being highly dissatisfied with what was being produced in panic mode even though it was great fun and stimulating — so will now post when the spirit moves me or whatever. 

I do love to write and have written all of my life to help myself with processing feelings and trying to get a better grasp of what it is to be living.

Ultimately, especially lately and maybe due to the original commitment, I find myself simply wanting to be happy … enough.

Life is way too short and I don’t want to waste one single minute on commiserating about what isn’t good … unless I have to.

Yesterday I lost a little sleep worrying about a family member because of choices being made that alarmed me. Each and every one of us has to make our own mistakes but still, we want to let our loved ones know there is a place to fall back onto if they need to … a soft place to land or a hand to cling to if they need a little balancing. It’s especially hard not to judge.

It’s awful to worry. But, it’s important to learn how to live more lightheartedly — or so says Alain de Botton — “Registering every kind of heaviness and transcending it…”
Wonderful words of wisdom.

Especially as life goes on and experiences accumulate, more and more unhappy events try to push one to the edge where jumping off to end it all can happen — but it is this same accrued information that Alain alludes to that is also what enables one to realize the joy in the beauty that is the blue that is the sky. We learn as we go to realize that life is hard and always will be and it won’t get better — but there is always something wonderful to see, hear, taste, touch or feel.



Image credit: Dead Serious and Lighthearted – The Memorable Words of Modern America Volume I (1957-1976), Volume II (1977-1993), and Volume III (1994-2015)

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