All The Jewels

All the jewels and gold are in boxes lined up secretly waiting their sudden departure — if she can remember where she put them when the fire comes. The teddy bear and doll might go first and forget the gold because all that matters really is remembering when remembering was something good to think about — like playing dolls with a sister. The sister is gone so the dolls may suffice to remind a fading old mind. Holding on to a thought is more precious than anything that might have to be spent for trade on something of necessity like toilet paper and how can gold be parceled? Silver is better — it’s already in smaller parcels but who will there be to trade gold into silver or who will have the quantity of toilet paper to equal a maple leaf — so better all around to have the doll and teddy bear.

She will have to work her way out of trouble — as usual. Or maybe she will finally meet a prince or win a lotto. Yes of course, those are thoughts that travel well too as there probably won’t be any kind of work for such as she — a crazy old cat lady. Might as well carry the dream of a prince or a lotto winning in her mind while she traipses around with a case with the doll and teddy looking for the job that never existed either.

There are trillions that magically appear to rescue revenues that get traded so confidence won’t waver for the rich and richer. What do they want. When is anything enough. Were they not loved as children?

Only love can save anyone from the madness of seeking the peace and quiet a soul may not be able to fathom because of such depravity. Love can’t be bought but trophies can be. What might look like love to others is all they’ll ever get.

All we’ll ever get because who was really loved as a child?

Well, the gold she has is what she has that someone who claimed they loved her left her. It must be that she was loved. She will believe she was. It’s easier to than not to. Say it enough and it is real. Of course she was. Is gold a trophy? Are Oscars made of real gold. Is gold really real. Who set its value? Will it serve what it needs to when it needs to?

Does anybody know what’s going on? Crazy world. Everyone with their hair on fire getting sick because they think they will and passing those harming thoughts along like they are candy to be shared like someone elses gold.

Drink water and wash your hands. Wash your hands. Wash your hands. Wash your hands and cough into your sleeve and don’t wear a mask unless you are infected and are sure you are infected. Don’t spit on the ground. Boys quit being boys for a minute please.

You can’t take it with you so you might as well play with dolls while you’re alive.