Today The Ants

Someone in my head said that it was beautiful outside, so I looked to see what I could see and they were right.

It was windy though.

Somewhere there had been a tornado the day before. The news in the form of a YouTube video said. I only read the title. And another one said that the weather was another form of warfare now — so, I had to get off as quickly as I’d gotten on so that the ones inside my head would quit clamoring so hard for attention.

It might not be true, anyway.

“Don’t all speak at once,” I said — just like my mother used to say when no one would confess to doing the dirty deed that she was looking for the culprit she’d finally say was Kilroy.

“I guess Kilroy did it,” she would have to conclude since none of her children stepped up to take the punishment. Poor Kilroy, he really had to pay a lot but we never did see him get any kind of whipping and we never met him either. He seemed to be very good at hiding.

And Mom, of course, was pretty kind.

There is no one to trust but the ones inside my head as far as I can tell these days but sometimes they get a little noisy so I have to go outside to garden where they all like to play the same way I do and we all get along so nicely and quietly while enjoying each other’s company — me and Fear and Loathing and Anxiety and Frustration and Cynicism and Depression and Hope and Prayers and Lies and Truth and Deceit and the rest of the gang and not a single one of us will agree to wear a mask.

Today the ants were out marching. Some were going to and other were going away from wherever they were finding the debris they want to take back to their nest to make the fungus food that will keep them when it’s time for winter hibernation again — quite awhile from now. They each only have a tiny morsel — some larger morsels than some others and some clumsily struggling along with a lopsided tiny thing they have to keep trying to pick up different ways until they get it balanced just right so that they can march on towards home. They look so proud once they do.

The ones going away from home were empty handed.

I watched to see where they were stopping to pick up their individual morsels and it was a pile I had piled up not knowing they would like it but I was delighted just to see that it had made them all so happy.

It might also keep them from taking down the tree they’ve liked so much every year before.

I have a sneaky suspicion they have it on their menu too.

It was hard to keep from stepping on any of them but I did my very best and went the other way once I knew where they wanted to be.

I wasn’t afraid they’d bite me. I just thought they needed me to let them be the way they wanted to be and not interfere with the hard work they were in the middle of.

I’m trying to learn their hours.

It’s so much better watching them than watching any YouTube videos.

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