I Don’t Understand

I’d almost forgotten how much I love being alone — kitties, dogs, turtles and ants excluded. They’re lots of fun to have around. And birds and bees and…well, you can get the picture — Mother Nature. Humans — not so much.

We’re WAY too much trouble even though we could be part of her as well as all the others.

We just all seem so fake in comparison.

Though there are some that are fun and some that are interesting and some that are good for making you think a little deeper.

I love to think.

And think.

And think and think some more. Thinking to me is like breathing and I need more and more and never get enough.

Most others say I think too much.

That might be why I like to be alone — no one to criticize how much I like to think.

I don’t always think as well as I might be able to but I do try to think as good as I can with what I know so far.

So this whole thing came along just when I was feeling dead to the world. Wondering when I might die. Thinking it might just be tomorrow.

Now I really want to live to see where it all goes and to go my way alone if I just have to. But, I must say, I’m glad that I have lived just long enough to be here when this happened — this great awakening. I didn’t think I’d get to see it. I knew it was coming but I didn’t think it would come in my lifetime. I’m so glad that I was born at just the right time to get in on when the most obvious things were started — toward this time that we could have a great awakening.

Tavistock, MKUltra, Nuclear whatever, Henry Kissinger, The Trilateral Commission and the NeverEndingWars — The Freaks who were the original Hippie actors — LSD — Charlie Manson — and all the others who were sent in to try to fool us.

I’ve never thought that I needed to try to cause my own death to feel alive and that is what LSD does inside the brain — it stops the brain from saying, “I’m not dead yet, no, not yet, no, not yet, no, not yet…” until the links that have the ability to say “I’m not dead yet,” are snipped and the only thing left to do is download a lifetime of memories and face the light before coming back to where the links are reconnected.

No thanks, I’ll have to try to meditate instead. I have a fairly good enough imagination.

Why use a crutch?

People other than capable use crutches.

“I don’t understand,” someone said to say to someone wearing a mask.

I don’t understand what you are saying.

I don’t understand why you are foolish enough to wear one.

The list goes on.

I don’t understand where things went wrong.

That’s not the slightest bit true. It’s clear as a bell. It was at the very beginning — whenever that actually was — that’s up for grabs just like almost everything else.

So, in the meantime, it shall be ants and cats and turtles and birds and bees and flowers and trees and I won’t wash my hands any more than I ever did because, you know, like George Carlin said, he swam in raw sewage in the Hudson when he was a kid to get cooled off. It seemed to serve him well as he said he never did get sick.

It’s all already inside — the good and the bad. The difference for getting sick or not is mind over matter, belief, and how a body is respected.

Mother Nature knows it all and is perfect in her plan.

Mother knows best.

I shall look to her for what to do for anything that matters. She’s is very easy to understand and never wears a mask. She doesn’t need to hide what she is doing.