For That Matter

It is enough to have a house and hair to comb and a brush to brush one’s teeth with. And cats. One needs cats. Or dogs. Or dogs and cats. The more the merrier.

One doesn’t even need to have thick hair or any for that matter. Sometimes it can be good to shave it all off and start the growing over. It might be time to do that.

After too much thinking, cutting hair all off can seem to be — revolutionary.

There seems to need to be a revolution.

It might be good if things could start all over.

Start all over better.

Tell no lies. Live for love. Speak easy. Share. See. Be.

Send the elite to the moon they have forgotten how to get to.

Right now. Now. The now of nows because now is gone already. No good in living for yesterday. Or tomorrow. No time to waste trying to find another better story than the one that somehow has this mind already stuck in.

Nostalgia is no better at forgiving than somebody you are begging.

Leap for joy to be alive.

Bake a cake. Sew a quilt. Pull some weeds. Breathe some air. Hold hands with a lover.

It doesn’t get much better.

“All the gold and wealth on earth” is only all the gold and wealth on earth.

It could come in a little handy but —

it isn’t absolutely necessary.

Neither is an iphone or a DNA transplant designed to keep an image of you in the negative space somewhere where the controls are.

It’s time for going back to nature.





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