Who Are They

Putting together a puzzle is a good way to exercise the brain and eyes it seems. The shape of the pieces must be the final indicator of a fit — but of course, the pattern or the picture must match as well — if it is a picture puzzle. It’s very useful to have an image of the picture in question in all its completion for comparison. It is much harder to put a puzzle together without such — especially a puzzle with no less than one thousand pieces.

It has been said that there are savants who can put puzzles together upside down with just the cardboard backing showing.

It has been mentioned lately that for artificial intelligence to come to its intended fruition, (and there is an intended fruition), there will need to be workers who will be happy to be zoomed in on a task and unwilling to leave it until its completion, all the while being relatively happy working as a drone — not needing much food or sleep.

People who are of an autism spectrum tend to suffer from insomnia, it’s also said.

It has been mentioned that certain chemicals injected into the bloodstream can have the effect of thwarting chemical synapse connections that allows for autism to succeed. It has also been said that this is a desirable conclusion for some of the people at the top who want people who can put robots together or be one.

Do we know of any awful experiments done on humans?

Who are they that do those kind of experiments? Do they do them such that everybody knows? What do we know about animal experiments? It seems that they are mostly done in secret also.

Who are they to be telling us to stand six inches apart? Who are they to push it up to six feet and nothing more? Who are they that we have given our consent to, if we have — who has?

It seems that only those who are afraid are saying it’s okay to tell us all what to do.

Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf?

Has anybody seen the wolf?

Where are those darned missing puzzle pieces?

missing puzzle pieces




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