By Logical Deduction

What shall we do with this great information?

It is clear, by logical deduction, that those who are spewing the lies have been for as long as there is known history and will continue to do so until their agenda is fully realized.

Here is what appears as ‘evidence’ of their likelihood of being artificial intelligence/robots already:

If they can continue to speak like this to our faces, it can’t be possible that they are fully human.

Most of us are the problem. Most of our kind will not listen. Most of our kind have been fooled.

When Eric Schmidt, said something along the lines of “Aren’t you grateful that the likes of us have been so smart and wonderful and good so as to invent and institute all this new technology so now that the world is changing for the better, you can now stay home, be safe from this awful, awful monster and do everything you used to, just with your handy dandy little device that is forever glued to your palm? What would we do without Amazon?”…

I wanted so badly to spit in his face.

Bilderberg insider Eric Schmidt, who, [used to, or still does undercover, but had to step down so that he could sell his shares in this run up to the takedown so he could ‘legally’ buy them back later at a discount – my insertion], runs Google, once began a speech at Davos with the words: “I assume that everybody here agrees that globalisation is wonderful.” Sitting in the audience at Bilderberg are the heads of four of the world’s 10 largest financial services companies: AXA, Allianz, ING and Banco Santander. You’ve got to assume that “Can globalisation be slowed down?” is going to be met by roars of laughter and a hail of bread rolls…

What I have been afraid of in myself is that I am starting to think I need to avoid this discussion wherever algorithms are present because it seems that those who resist believing the lies and are offering their data to the algorithms are ensuring that a new wave, and one likely to be more vicious, will be the eventuality since, ‘they’ will think it absolutely necessary to effect a real, though certainly ‘manufactured’ event to convince the unbelieving???

It will start with the vaccine. A genetically engineered and genetically engineering hybrid, biological weapon-laced injection that will change your very DNA so that you will be more docile and compliant — or even worse, able to be killed from a distance — a flyby drone with a zapper to start the process, courtesy of all the new towers being put up by the same benevolent entities so interested in our well being.

Did that come off as sarcastic? Cynical? Conspiratorial?


“Aren’t you grateful for the Amazon drones that will drop your purchases at your door in minutes?” (or provide a zap to give you a heart attack if you have lived too long or aren’t behaving like they want.)

Viruses don’t seem to stick to their cardboard.

THEY will NOT give up.

Seems we need to start an underground publication? Some kind of ‘clearing house’ that vets all the real papers and redistributes a paper newsletter inclusive of the best of the best as per a predetermined set of principles agreed upon by the underground collective.

I have gotten wind that there is talk of disrupting/closing the USPS for crony capitalism, now that we ‘really need a better program than the old, stale, snail mail’ – so God only knows what we will have for pony express before any length of time.

Look what they did in the blink of an eye already.

I’m seeing Mel Gibson in Conspiracy Theory and Kevin Costner in The Postman.

How effective is preemptive programming you might ask?

I wear my tinfoil proudly.



What shall we do with this great information?

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