Beneath A Veil

I remember the first time I saw a video of a robot running and jumping in huge leaps and bounds outside in horrible terrain — an actionable, authentic, manifest, real robot. It was mostly metal parts that hadn’t had anything akin to flesh fleshed out yet on it — but it was clearly something I had no interest in witnessing in person nor did I have any illusions that I could escape or evade it if it had a will to harm me.

Not even with a gun.

That was several years ago.

Someone was trying to tell me something and I took notice.

It wasn’t quite like watching Arnold’s action in Terminator or of the melting cop who chased him — but it was real enough to convince me that it was a serious intention behind an agenda lurking in the background of the reality that was moving forward.

I fluffed it off in my consciousness as being something that likely would not make it to reality in my time — even though I had high hopes of living to be 200.

All kidding aside, I believed in my core that none of us would let that happen. Surely we would all see where it could go and wouldn’t stand for it. There was still an underlying gnawing permeating my brain waves — which may be deeper than a core — because those bells have let me see what is happening now so very clearly.

My core was deeply wrong and I was apparently suppressing fear.

We are being taken over and not all of us will survive.

This is happening now. This is happening fast.

Even indigenous, tribal, nomadic people are wearing masks and buying in. They even put masks on their sheep to mock things.  No one can escape this.

I’m not one to shy away from conspiracy as everyone I know knows about me and why I have so few friends. It is for this very space in time that I have ever felt compelled to share my thoughts to anyone who would listen. It is clear to me now — I had no choice but to try to deliver a warning. Someone has to be the one who speaks out no matter how crazy it may make me seem. This is the very space in time where it becomes completely clear of how important it has always been to listen to anyone talking about the events of 911. They pulled that off and if you take any time at all to really look at it, you won’t be coming out without a change in perspective. That was when there was a pivotal chance to keep what is happening now from happening.

We missed that chance. We can’t afford to miss this one. There will be no taking back any territory after this.

You MUST realize that CxOxVxIxDx1x9x was designed expressly for pulling off this “New Pearl Harbor”. It is NOT what they are trying to say it is. Whatever it is, it is NOT what they are claiming.

You MUST not let yourself be convinced that it is anything more than something by which they can train you and break you and destroy whatever kind of life we have hoped for.

The worst thing will not be that we may die. The worst thing will be that we will be forced to live in a dystopia — which it WILL certainly be if we so easily comply — which, so far, so many have.

There will be nothing like a natural world if we don’t take action NOW.

The simplest of actions you can take will be to share this video with everyone you know.

Call me crazy — I don’t care. I don’t want to live the way they want us too.

Greta is one of their agents.

Global warming is a lie.

We do not live on a spinning ball. The moon is not a rock. The sun is not a flaming nuclear ball — it’s electric.

Celebrities are their agents.

Don’t clap your hands for nurses.

Don’t stand 6 feet apart.

6 feet is about where your electrical/divine aura stops. You can’t touch people with your divinity now by THEIR design. Isn’t that a coincidence.


Look at all their numbers. Everything is coded in numbers. They are masonic and it is their obligation to tell us what they plan to do but it is okay if they do it beneath a veil.

They have been warning us for years and years and years.

Predictive programming.

Don’t be “in this together.”

Don’t “stay safe” and don’t “stay in your house”.

Absolutely do NOT let them stick you with any kind of needle. Don’t let them have your DNA.

Viruses are things that work in our bodies to help us. The same with most bacteria. Germs are not our enemy. The elite are the real virus.

Don’t “wash your hands.”

Throw away your cell phone, get rid of anything that has a smart thing. Get wired in. Don’t take robo calls. Hang up, don’t say a word. Don’t do your doctor appointments on the web. Pay your bills with cash and walk in to pay them in person. Don’t go through the self-checkout line. Hoard a little food ahead. Plant a garden if you can. Get everyone you know to do the same. Cross under the yellow tape at Walmart and smile at the guard when she chastises you. Hug someone in public. Talk to people. If someone else is going down or up an aisle against the arrows, send them a signal that you approve or stop and talk to them and give them a “thank you”. Tell the ones who tell you off about going the wrong way to go to hell because that is where they’re going to end up if they obey the rules designed to break us and they will be taking you along.

The way artificial intelligence is advancing is with the every-increasing amount of data that you give them — why do you think they want you in the house online all the time. You’re feeding robots.

Absolutely refuse to wear a mask.

All lives matter.

We all have to be the heroes. No one is coming to help us.

Cinderella, Santa and the Easter Bunny are not real.

GOD is the divine spark that resides in YOU.

Please listen to this video and share it. It’s the least any of us can do:


Header image credit: Terminator theme song