Solve Every Problem

“You know those people who like to be victims? You kind of want to wack them in the head to keep them happy, don’t ya?”

Karmella couldn’t remember where she’d heard that comment but she wanted it out of her head as quickly as it had popped up in her memory. No thoughts like that are of any use whatsoever.

“It’s time to quit worrying, Puggles. The people who aren’t purple just don’t want to be happy — not really. At least it doesn’t seem like they do. What do you think Puggles?” Karmella asked.

Karmella was so very happy to be where she was, even being without other purple people. Puggles was enough. Puggles was her love and had been made manifest for that very fuzzy, snuggly kind of love. Oh and the birds and the bees and the flowers and the trees — they were great company to her and Puggles and it made everything so beautiful to look at.

Karmella wasn’t sure how she had gotten to the other side, to be inside the safety of the bubble — how she had been so very lucky not to have to live where other purple people couldn’t either. She still had hope and was still on the lookout for the purple man who came and went every once in awhile. She hoped he’d come again and maybe even stay — but it was perfectly okay if he didn’t. As far as where any other purple people might be, she had to imagine they were somewhere in a realm that she could visit if she tried the right way. She wasn’t very ambitious since she had Puggles and everything else that she could possibly need.

The only thing was that she kept sensing some kind of turbulence. It seemed like someone was calling from afar for some help. Karmella decided that they would have to ask a little louder if they really needed her for something. It was simply not possible to hear what they were saying enough to know if she should try to intervene — she wasn’t even sure if she could. After all, Puggles had simply appeared one day without a word. She could only conclude that if someone wanted hard enough to be purple that they could.

It started to rain. Karmella felt refreshed. Puggles got a little wet in the process of dancing back up to the porch from the yard — Karmella had Puggles in her arms. Puggles didn’t seem to mind and just shook his little body a few time to throw it off once she put him down.

“Shall we go inside and have a cookie?” Karmella asked little Puggles with a wink. Cookies seemed to solve every problem.


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