Is It True

The big boy cat wanted to jump up on her lap to squirm around and leave some of his feathers — but she was just then ready to fetch another cup of coffee so put him off hoping he’d wait. He didn’t. Cats’ attention spans aren’t long.

She had been raking him with her back-scratcher and then laid it on the floor beside him so that he could fixate on it while waiting for her to pick it up again — he drifted off to catnap land — waiting, waiting, waiting.

She made the mistake of looking at him and the slits in his slanted little cat eyes snuck a peek and opened nearly all the way — “Meow,” he mewed and stuck his long pink tongue out and then sneezed. He sneezes a lot. Things make him sneeze easily, like cat emotions and good feelings can do to a big black and white cat like he who’s so filled with cat emotions and good feelings waiting to come out.

So someone in the World Economic Forum asked if humans will be humans for much longer and went on to say that THEY want to make space for us mere humans to think freely as if thoughts are something being censored now or have no space.

It seems the truth is that they really want to steal our thoughts. All they care about is money. They want to use our thoughts for generating profits — 060606.

So many people trying to be GOD.

The cat came back and jumped up on her lap. He mewed and mewed and rolled around and left a lot of feathers before he did get bored again and went for the screen door to look outside.

She had to rake his feathers off her lap.

Is it true that cats have feathers to keep them warm and help them fly?

It does seem true that sometimes cats can fly — they don’t stay up for long though.

She wonders what the WEF would think about those thoughts and if they’d try to steal them and learn how to make cats fly or at the least — give her the space to have the thoughts, “May I please have my thoughts?”

She’ll have to think that the WEF flies away to a realm where only they exist and no one knows about them or ever hears of them again. Money is overrated. Imagination isn’t.

“No! You can’t have my imagination — and no means no.”

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay


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