Not My Monster

So the big question now is whether or not the government, (military), has the right to jab you with a needle with anything in it that they deem necessary for the we’re all in this together game that, (just as likely as not), they could have orchestrated.

According to any of the rules of engagement that are clear enough to understand, it seems that it is legal and necessary and enforceable and required if a giant threat against we’re all in this together might exist.

Might ain’t necessarily right.

“What’s more of a giant threat than the shutting down of the world wide economic systems,” we should be obliged to ask — first and foremost? Lives can be lost by more than one kind of hidden giant monster.

It’s completely clear to see, if you dig enough, that this is an economic tsunami, (WW3), (a coup d’état), for the purpose of shifting all that might be of any value into the hands of the greedy ones — land, equity in any business, gold, silver, digital data, crypto-currency, oil, food, water and air — to establish a world-wide techno-tyranny.

It’s important not to leave the digging to the ones doing all the shifting — you know, the ones who own the media and the microphones. We’re all in this together means we’re all diggers now. Dig that.

If you’re not a digger you’re a dodger since the game requires taking sides — black or white, republican or democrat, pro or con (anti-), if or is???

Who’s asleep at the wheel?

Who’s not asleep at the wheel?

Fat shaming is okay now because if someone who is fat says, “Get that jab you tin-foil-hat-wearing maniac,” then sticks and stones are in order since this is now a child’s game until we all grow up. “You’re fat because you eat junk. If you eat junk, do you think a jab is going to save you from your giant monster. He’s not my monster?”

It’s time to take our diapers off and at least start wearing pull-ups.

It’s as okay to judge people by what’s in their cart at the checkout counter, (except that you might have trouble getting close enough to see,) as it is to judge someone for not having a bacteria harboring, useless serving mask on.

Wouldn’t it be better if we just didn’t judge?

Wouldn’t it be better if the facts were presented as what they really are, (and definitely not by only the ones who will benefit by any of the truths they tell)?

Wouldn’t it be nice if other voices could be heard?

Wouldn’t it be nice if someone was listening to something other than what Dr. Fauci, (the big, fat, little, liar liar pants on fire, Trump’et), has to say? He’s a criminal in case you didn’t know. Do your digging now that you’re a digger.

Dig, dig, dig. Don’t give up until you hit the pay-dirt. We’re all in this together. Pull your load.

It doesn’t hurt to ask for a little help though, if pulling your own weight is on a diet.


Header Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay



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