What I Have

Karmella couldn’t see it but for some reason she was having feelings about it. People on the other side of her bubble were in trouble. There wasn’t anything she could do except to try to think good thoughts. It was sort of like she was continually praying — addressing some kind of deity — except that, she believed GOD was everywhere and everything and always at or in ones fingertips and in ones heart and in their soul. In fact, she believed GOD was the soul — the one and only everything and everywhere — changing forms at the pleasure of the system near and spreading out from there.

Karmella realized that she wasn’t big enough to make a dither big enough to matter much but she was sure that she could make a little wave that might spread out in the ether going as it pleased hither and thither. Maybe, just maybe it would reach another place where someone much like she would care and send it off a little farther. She wondered if Puggles would like to help.

“Puggles,” she called, “Puggles, I think if you squiggle and squirm and rattle your tail as fast as your little tail will rattle — with all the good vibrations that you hold in your tiny, sandy-colored, fury, soft-and-squeezy and warm little body, you can make a wave bigger than I might be able to. Certainly, together we might count a little more?” She said that last part like it was a question with that dreaded high rising terminal she was happy to get away from in the outside world she came from where everybody talks like that like it’s a fashion.

Puggles looked up at Karmella with his beautiful, heart-melting eyes and rattled his tail as quickly as he was able to. Karmella sent her vibes along with Puggles’ highly resounding tail waves and then she picked him up and they danced around the garden some.

“That was fun,” Karmella said and danced a little more with Puggles in her arms. Dancing in the garden with each other was the thing they loved to do almost as much as snuggle. Karmella and Puggles loved to snuggle. They also liked to dance and eat a lot of cookies.

“What I have, is everything I need,” she said while looking into Puggles soft and sentient eyes. Then she wondered if the bubble she was in could burst but she decided not to worry about that because worrying doesn’t help to keep vibrations at their highest and vibrations at their highest were her best and only hope of keeping the bubble together. That’s how she got inside the bubble in the first place. Puggles must have been on the exact same good vibration because all of a sudden one day, he appeared inside her bubble too. That was the best it was necessary to get — anything else would just be frosting on the cake, or cookie if you’d rather.

Puggles lapped Karmella’s face and she knew by that that it was Cookie-Dookie time. It was almost always Cookie-Dookie time as far as Puggles was concerned. They danced together up onto the porch as usual, and danced the rest of the way into the house to get the cookie jars. Puggles had doggy cookies and Karmella had purple-people cookies and they sat on the soft couch with their jars nearby and snuggled and ate some cookies.

“We’re a little spoiled, don’t you think — my snuggly little puppy?” She had to think that Puggles did agree but Puggles was just a little too busy eating cookies to exclaim.

Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay

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