Pick It Up

* see red edit below

So sad

this frame that used to hold such a beautiful picture of potential

crooked, sideways now

bent with aches and pains

can barely stand up

As the picture is released to fall in tatters to the floor

and can’t be picked back up


can you please pick it up for me to see once more

or twice

before we are a picture no more.

* I must apologize. I found this written in an old journal of mine and thought I’d never posted it. Only because one of you visited this post, and I went to see what I’d written there – did I discover that I had. This one is posted exactly like I’d written it in the journal. I like this one better. Funny how similar the header images ended up being. 

Header image by ShonEjai from Pixabay 


Mom And Grannie

Before my mother,
I was with my grandmother
I was in the cells that made her daughter
They are both with me now
I am not alone
I am who I am
because they were
I thought my mother died
but I see her in a gesture that
I make
or a way I sit
The crooked lip I have like hers
and the dishes I won’t do
before I have to
She is still in me
Although I knew only little tiny
bits who Grannie was
she lived so far away but
sent birthday cards
I have her quilt
in colors that I, also
just so happen to love
Colors must transcend
and come with genes that
still remember
Did she make that quilt for me
All those who have come and gone
and didn’t stay
I will never be alone
I hope I go to where Mom and Grannie are
once my days are gone.

Image credit: Sciencing


Down The Road

At the door
every single day
every single night
or silently provoking
Humans are humans
exclusively because of
this constant harping
And decisions are mostly made
as a way to try to avert
the anxiety seething in our minds
from its constant harping
What would we be if we weren’t
What will we be when we aren’t
Will we be
If we buy enough
we might find immortality
in one of the store bought things
or one of a hundred pairs of shoes we never wear
waiting on a day
sometime down the road
Buying shoes
or a new Mercedes is a good way
for putting away
the constant
all because we know we are
What would we be if we weren’t
What will we be when we aren’t
It’s good to have some friends
that are louder than

Four Letter Word

What really matters
as the days tick by
speeding up
like each one is in a race
against another
What color of hair you had
Now that it’s gray
should you dye it
Gray is a pretty
absence of color
black tinted with
the presence of all colors
So maybe at the first sign of one
gray hair
it’s time to quit
expecting someone to hire
someone other than a redhead
with big
Maybe it was time to quit
long before
it ever got started
Working that is
at a four letter word kind of
What isn’t a waste
as the days tick by
speeding up
like each one is in a race
against another
Let’s be honest
What really matters
What color of hair you had?

Image credit: Mel_Ann

Time To Leave

Not that anyone will care
It’s time to leave this realm of
likes and loves and cartoon emotions
and the sickness that ensues from
waiting on a roller coaster ride
for the dopamine hit at the height of
where it reaches that insanely high peak
A Play
Negative engagement
Breeding more
Negative engagement
for a third party’s,
(hidden in the shadows),
Snake oil
Online universities
of grandeur
Pavlov’s poor little doggy
Shocks and treats
and more
and more
and more
shocks without treats
the treats are tweets
Silent bells and whistles
and guaranteed manipulation
the new salutation from a
who’s high as a kite
on his tweets
Nobody ever really meets
Where’s love hiding
Somewhere in the shadows with the profit makers?
It’s time to leave.

image credit: jaronlanier.com

Hard Being Brave

Two women and a man
One behind the door
The other walking in
The man standing between them
with his face on the floor
One victim
One not going to be
she leaves
being brave is free of wasted days
The sex Kat stays
and stays and stays
to live a life of
mostly wasted days
because it’s hard
being brave.

image credit: In Africa Leadership is Woman

Equal By Appearance

Measuring up
Thank God for Nature’s beauty
to remind that equal isn’t equal by appearance
Some have more
Some less
in their present beauty but are still
Rough wood
A knot upon it
beautiful burl hidden inside
Bugs in
bugs out
beautiful bugs
How to accept the ones that are always
and forever more
than equal by appearance
After all is by
no or an accident
Though even still
unequally reminding
that measuring up can never find
the proper measuring cup

image credit: Image by Tom6667 from Pixabay

Down The Other

It’s entirely up to you.
What shall we do
Fires burning
No one’s learning
Still flying
and buying
and lying
Blindly ill
A prize for dying early
Living in Oblivion
somewhere near Denial
Up one side and down the other
Leading to some favored heap
Mounds of gold
Fools on hills
Pretty dicey
All too pricey
Who will rescue
all the cats and dogs
and us
It’s entirely up to you.

So Last Year

2019 is starting to feel so last year
Happy New Year
Let’s bring a new one in
20 20s
Boot that old one out
Waste no time
Bring no wine
Just the grapes
Sun drenched or sun dried
Only what is good and whole and
Grounded in the truth of
Living well
And living right
Down the road that time has showed us
What is best for
And everything is
Equally included.


Image by Prawny from Pixabay