Custom Window Coverings

The term “custom window covering” means that the order will be made one at a time, for specific measurements, with fabric ordered by the yard or from a hand selected ensemble chosen by the customer from any number of resources.

C.O.M means customers own material. It can also be referred to as C.O.G., customer’s own goods. These terms usually infers that the customer is supplying the goods. There are some workrooms and retailers who will not provide services for these types of goods.

This term is sometimes also used when a retailer purchases fabric or implements from one source and sends them to another for the fabrication process.

The only reason a retailer or workroom may not want to use resources supplied directly by the consumer is because of the liability or risk involved. When they are able to reorder materials, if they run short or make a mistake, they are then able to start over.

Also, workrooms do everything in their power to identify flaws in the materials before they construct the finished product. However, sometimes a flaw misses the attention of the inspector. Lighted tables are used to help with the process, but even in the best of circumstances things get by without notice until they are hung and the client sees it for the first time.

An example of this is a true story of a client who complained of dark sections in the fabric that looked like soiled spots. It was inspected by the designer several times and holding the panels at several angles. The installer inspected it and the sales manage even attended to it in the clients home.

None of these three people ever thought to inspect them outside the clients home. After the entire job was remade, the same dark sections appeared. It turned out to be the type of lighting the client had and how it hit the fabric while it was hanging.

That said, if it had been some exclusive, antique, heirloom or unique fabric and any mistake was made, the workroom would be in great trouble to find a remedy.

It is in everyone’s best interest to use renewable resources.

There are always exceptions to the rules and Jackie of all Trades will be happy to visit that topic. Click the picture of the lady sewing below to visit JOAT’s Exceptions To The Rules or “Taking Responsibility”.

Unique or elaborate “hardware” is often what makes the treatment. Of course each element of the design plays in the final outcome. Wonderful fabrics can include something as plain as white duct. It is all about how it is being used, it’s reference in the greater scheme of things and the specifications utilized to customize it.

Duck – A tightly woven, heavy, plain-weave, bottom-weight fabric with a hard, durable finish. The fabric is usually made of cotton, and is widely used in men’s and women’s slacks, and children’s play clothes.

(Also often used as a standard on a special order upholstery item if you want to have it recovered yourself or use your exclusive, risky C.O.M. fabric!)

White Cotton Duck Fabric

Decorative “hardware” for hanging window treatments is extensive. We’ll do more on that topic under the tab “The Jewelry”.

Wikipedia Commons, click picture

Beautiful, draping fabric can be seen almost anywhere. It is especially beautiful when constructed using custom specifications to frame the view from both inside and outside the room in which it is being featured.

In this picture, it is costuming the cast of “Petruchio (Kevin Black) and Kate (Emily Jordan) from a Carmel Shakespeare Festival production of “The Taming of the Shrew” at the outdoor Forest Theater in Carmel, CA., Oct, 2003.”

When planning a custom window covering, it is necessary to consider whether it is to be or not to be simply aesthetically pleasing or will it need to perform functionally to improve light and privacy issues, thermal requirements (heat transference problems), and/or be fitted electronically for usefulness toward controlling the opening and closing. These issues will be further explored in “The Framing of the View“.

There are many things to consider  when planning a custom window covering.

Embellishments (Passementerie among them) are another opportunity to give a unique value to any treatment. Trims can be used in countless ways. The imagination of the designer or client is the only limitation.





The rods/hardware, brackets, rings and any other hardware are all part of the The Jewelry that makes each choice unique.

There are many ways to customize a window. Utilizing “ready made” products in unique and personalized ways can accomplish something as wonderful as any other one of a kind custom treatment. We will investigate these many options under the tab “A Thousand to One“.

And of course, the author’s favorite, sewing your own and utilizing up-cycling methodology (or using what you have). This will be featured under the tab “InSewVational


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