Measuring and Placement Standards

This can seem overwhelming at first. If you get just a few of these principles, you will be ahead of the curve. Use it as a reference manual as you progress with each design project. Questions will come up and as you become more and more familiar with good aesthetics, these standards will start to make more sense. Being as right brain dependent as most designers are, it isn’t until you can “see” it in action, that it will leave a lasting impression on the brain. Once you “see” it, it will be permanent and your pool of expertise will accrue exponentially. You will gain confidence and be able to present yourself to your clients as a true professional.

When these principles are taught in classes, examples of actual treatments and visual aides are present. The math is practiced over and over again on make believe designs.You have an opportunity to share understanding and questions with your peers. Trying to learn this on your own — unless you are as much left brain as right, you will struggle to “get it”. Just trust that with practice, it will all make sense.

This is the introduction page for the Standards. The details will be coming soon. We will need to produce visual aide with instructables to coach you through the learning curve.

Stay tuned…


For now, get a good tape measure that has a wide enough blade to not bend over itself when you extend it out 10 feet or more. And make it one that fits in your hand well and has a locking mechanism and is at least 30 feet long. 35 is okay, any more is too big to handle.

We can’t advise on laser styles. This school of hard knocks still believes in radical simplicity. Don’t waste time trying to have the latest, greatest. It will nickel and dime you to death. Work with what you have wherever possible.

Use it up. Wear it out. Make it do. Do without.


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