Follow The Yellow Brick Road

Some years ago Jackie of all Trades decided to quit supporting corporate capitalism and pursue the Yellow Brick Road of intuition toward Entrepreneurial Independence.

She sold her big house and went to Northern California to try her hand at developing a two acres piece of land in a country town not too far out of Redding.

She lived in a large tent with two cats, two dogs, and it rained the whole month she was there.

She had ordered a Quonset Hut that would be the first phase of the development, eventually becoming the garage. Before it arrived though, she was getting very tired of the rain and ordered a pre-fab shed that didn’t make delivery before she gave up.

The moral of that story is: Not all friends are meant to be business partners.

The Quonset Hut Dream got her moving and out of the rut that would have stolen the rest of her life, the J.O.B. market.

Before she could cancel the delivery, the Q-hut arrived. So, it came with her all the way back to Southern California and then eventually over to Arizona. It is still sitting on another three acre piece of land waiting for her to get to the point that she can secure her own plot of dirt and erect the darn thing.

It’s what gets her up in the morning. She has tried several times to sell it and always prices it out of the market, (clearly she doesn’t really want to sell it).

Dreams take funny turns.

As long as she has the Quonset Hut she has a dream and for now, it is enough that it helps her put one foot in front of the other.

Follow the Yellow Brick Road… you have to have a dream.

P.S. The Q-hut was sold and is living in a neighbor’s yard. It’s happy.


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