Open On Monday

Everyone’s gone missing. The streets seem to be rolled up. Kids are out of school. Santa’s coming.
Walmart and Denny’s are full. They ain’t nobody’s fool.
Must be a lemming thing — everybody else is going that way.
Seems like an opportunity to make a killing if nobody else is open but you are. Except that — nobody that is looking for something that is open is looking for something to be open on Monday because they’ve been conditioned too and they also stay off of the rolled-up roads except the roads that go to Walmart and Denny’s on Mondays.
It would seem that if someone loves something enough, having Christmas off, or Mondays, would be a good excuse to do that thing they love. Maybe they don’t love it like they say they do and they’re just in it to win it or make a lot of money.
Vlog, Blog and Facebook heroes have closed shop except to say, “Have a Merry Whatever” as they look back while running to get away until the new year comes and they are expected back to promote their new adventure for new moneymaking.
Where is everyone when you need them the most — like lonely-making holidays and Mondays.
Do it every day. Every day do it if you love it. Especially if you’ve made money doing it because you’ve made that money because of others and those others might not be on vacation. Some fans quit a thing that leaves them.
That’s one reason holidays are depressing because anyone that does have family and/or friends goes in and leaves all the lonely ones who don’t alone, out in the cold, on their own — looking for the fix that kept them going — watching how others do to get some inspiration. There is probably a huge market for off-market drugs Christmases and Mondays.
It might just be the right time to figure out exactly how to be alone any day, but especially on Christmases and Mondays because that is a practice that might just save you — especially from yourself and all the complications of a brain that doesn’t have a place to project the thoughts upon — they stay in the brain instead and try to cause a lot of havoc. Practice, practice, practice getting good at doing any holiday or Monday all alone. Or any day for that matter and then friends and family coming by will be a bonus and wonderful surprise and light up the sky and then you’ll have that kind of havoc to try to manage.
Just imagine the havoc it would create if Santa decided to not show up for Christmas because it fell on Monday.

Cats Can’t Fly

It must be nice to wake up and know that there is someone still in the bed that will wake up soon too and you will have a daytime friend. Just them lying in the warm covers still sleeping is enough for company. I’ve never known that as a consistent occurrence but I have an imagination — it’s happened a little enough to know and remember.

It must be horrible to wake up knowing that fighting will ensue and go on instead of play and that the lying there together was, all night troubled. That hasn’t ever happen even a little but I can imagine and it seems that it would break a soul. There has been tension but it was sweet because of love and not unsavory or maybe I’ve forgotten.

Dogs can move out lonely. Cats too. They usually wake up first though and require playing sooner than later and sleeping in becomes rather out of the question. But they often go back to sleeping and lying there reminding you of a friend to play with later and because they don’t speak the exact same language — it’s hard to know if they’re saying something incongruent.

The steadfast place of trees and plants with critters in their midst is not a substitute but can be some to complete empty spots with color and fragrance that allow forgetting holes were made that still might need a little mending. They die too or get disease and need more care but they can’t take up roots and leave. They honor their commitment never flinching.

Who flinched. More often than not, both did. Humans have a way of having trouble staying or if they stay, not cheating — somehow. Selfish little brats we all are — wanting everything we want. And it isn’t a matter of not speaking the same language — or is it.

The cat’s crying and meandering around consistently meowing like I should just know exactly what he is saying and I want him to quit it or learn my language. I want. Selfish little brat me. He has some need he’s trying to express and I’m busy. It’s my way or the highway except that cats don’t allow for that.

Now I see three little birds on the rim of a glass dish taking turns dipping but apparently there is too little water in it so I must quit this and go out and fill it for them. I filled three dishes just in case they each want one or so that there will be plenty for others but they aren’t selfish — they were happy taking turns. I filled all the water features everywhere. The birds fill holes too like cats and dogs but cats and dogs are softer and fit better in arms and mold to the arms that hold them. Birds don’t seem to like to do that. But they sing pretty and fly around so nicely.

Now the big stray cat is waiting at the bowl just filled with water. I suppose he wants the birds back and a little snack. I always find it hard to reason how any bird gets caught — they fly — cats can’t fly.

It’s another day to get things done and there is no one that might want things to go a different way or play. The march is on but it’s like playing all alone as I have always known just as well as others have known how nice it must be to wake up with someone still in the bed sleeping.


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